CMS3000 Card Management System

CMS3000 Card Management System


    Easy to install and use; no extra wires or connections between devices, keeping a clean and easy workspace.


  • Casino
  • Video Arcade


  • High security
  • Two signal modes compatible with a large variety of gaming consoles
  • Instantly connect multiple devices for easy management

ID and Password Log In

Login recode and master audit.

Card Log In

Only management cards (Boss card, Management card and Employee card) can log in the system.

Main Screen

Complex search that more accurate.

Product Information

Function Description

  • Console Map
  • Purchase Redeem / Card Data
  • History Backup
  • Employee Data /Customer Data
  • Consoles Inquiry
  • Employee Clock in / Reports
  • Login History
  • General Settings / Change Password
  • Reader Organizer
  • Card Reader Settings
  • Management Option



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