ASW100 Vending Machine

ASW100 Vending Machine


    ASW100 is a multifunctional vending machine. As long as the merchandises packages fix in specification items of vending machine, depending on your product will be able to sell, so you do not worry about commodity to find appropriate vending machine .
    ASW100 is a simple machine which settings can change the product contents at any time. In the era of rising living cost , space-saving design saves the cost of rent, personnel . Meanwhile, and large-capacity Wharf Road .

ASW100 can sell .

  • Washing powder.
  • Beautifully Hanging Decoration.
  • Souvenirs.
  • Handmade soap.
  • Candies and cookies.
  • Toy.


  • Simple cosmetic - Brings you comfortable and stress-free space.
  • Hard exterior - Durable, not be easy be broken.
  • Large capacity - Eliminating the need for frequent replenishment.
  • Composite goods - Wharf Road, six groups of six different products can be sold at the same time.
  • Price setting - Independent Wharf Road Price is set to provide customers a variety of choices.
  • Easy operation - Saving transaction time.
  • Compact space -368mm depth hidden in the wall , does not account for the extra space.
  • New Control Panel - Taiwan design, made in Taiwan , safe and stable operation.
  • Three security - Door locks, safety buckle , micro locks.
  • The change coin features.


Show sold merchandise. Can could put six different commodity prices , each corresponding extract button.


According to devote sufficient amount of commodity prices , the amount will be displayed on the display panel.


Hundred banknotes put into the banknotes mouth.

Product Information


  • Type: Upright
  • Track Count: 6 tracks
  • Track Capacity: 36 pcs per track
  • Track Deadweight:  3kg per track
  • Package Min: 65 x 100 x 24~30 mm
  • Microcomputer Lock: 6 digit
  • Coin Acceptor: 2
  • Bill Acceptor: 1


  • Power Source: 110~220V
  • Power consumption: <30W


  • Weight: Approx. 100 Kg
  • Power consumption: <30W
  • Color: White


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